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Yogyakarta, Getting there and around

Yogyakarta, The cultural capital on Java.

Javas capital of culture is Yogyakarta. An 8 hour trainride from Jakarta you’ll have access to the centre of the island with it many culture sights and temples.

Yogyakarta is a town with approximately 400.00 inhabitants, which seem very low since there are so many people in this place. But may come to Yogyakarta, or “Yogya”, to work on one of the cultural sights to serve the tourists. There are quite a few tourists here since the most famous temples Borobodur and Prambanan are just a few kilometers away from the town centre.

Getting there and around

Yogyakarta has its own airport so if you are don’t have an excessive amount of time, flying can be cheap if you are flying domestic. It is located in the town and have a dedicated bus stop with frequent routes so getting to and from the airport is easy.

If you are in Jakarta, you can also take a 8 hour train directly to Yogyakarta from Gambir train station, it is easy and relatively effortless.

As you get of at the train station you’ll be spoiled with options from the local sellers trying to get you to buy their hotel room or their taxi rides. There are many options for accommodations in Yogyakarta and it is often easier to deal your way to a good price for a room if you are staying for a few nights or more. Just tell your taxi drivertricycle rider or horse carriage to drop you of at some hotel (can be any hotel you’ve seen online) and get started from there. If there is one hotel there are many ore on the same street. Jalan Babarsari is a popular street for backpackers and budget travellers with its many homestays and hostels. You can get a fan-room, double room, for about 150.000 Rp / night.

Sights & attractions.

The biggest and most well known sight is Borobudur and Prambanan and its surrounding temples.
Borobodur is an ancient monument dating back to the 9th century and is one of Indonesias most visited sights. Since it is a huge touristattraction it is also quite pricy to enter the sight of Borobodur. Getting there is easy but be prepared to pay a bigger entrance fee that you paid for the ride there.

More information is available on http://www.borobudurpark.com/

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