Russian airport Sherem

Welcome to Russia

Welcome to Russia

We are now in a transit between Oslo and Hanoi, Vietnam. Stuck in an airport in Moscow (Russia) for 12 hours where no one ( absolutely no one) speaks english.

The flight went well, except for a minor delay from Norway. But we made it so far.

We tried to figure out if we had to collect our luggage at the baggageclaim since we’re beeing transferred, but that alone prooved to be a project on it’s own. Everyone we asked knew either no english or the words “yes” and “terminal E” only. After about half an hour and 15 staffmembers later, we finally found one person that spoke some english. “Everyone of staff here speak english”, he sayd. Well…….but we figured out that our luggage are safe for now, being held in a “luggagetransit” and will be meeting us in Hanoi.

Russian airport Sherem Russian airport Sherem Russian airport  Sherem

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