Visit Anjuna Market Goa / India

Visit Anjuna Market, Goa / India

The Anjuna Market Goa is located at the southern end of the beach and is held every Wednesday.
It’s a place for locals, tourists, backpackers, Russians, Resorters, Hippies and others. A lot of hippies come to Anjuna Market to sell handmade clothing from their own designs.
Be sure to visit either very early or later in the afternoon to avoid the worst heat. Some tourist believe that being there very early will secure them all of the best bargains and goods. But all the shopowners have a lot of goods to sell of and many of the shops sell the same, so they won’t run out of that adorable thing you just saw in the shop around the corner. You can find everything at Anjuna Market. Everything from IPod charger, pirate cd’s or DVD’s, psychedelic trance music on pirate CD’s, hammoks, jewelrey backscratchers…well, everything.

Since there are a lot of shops selling the same things it might be worth browsing a while before making a move. Put in an offer that’s more than 50% lower that the price the seller requests. That will save you some money.

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