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Vietnam so far

Vietnam so far

We have now been in Vietnam for five days, travelling from Hanoi down the coastline to Hoi An. So far so good, we have come across some difficulties with our bus tickets and we have learned that everything is not always what it seems to be. People here can inform you of things like your bustickets or tourtickets, but they are not always accurate and it’s not always what you think you booked. Sometimes just because you don’t speak the same language and sometimes just because it’s just not accurate.

Vietnam is a very long country with long distances between bigger cities, and somehow you think that you’ll manage to cover it all. Because it doesn’t look very far to travel from for example Hanoi to Hue, like we did. But it’s a 13 hour busdrive.

Our original plans was to travel down the coastline from Hanoi to Hoi An and from there to Na trang and down to Ho Chi Mihn city. And from there take us to an island for some relaxation. And then back to Hanoi.

But traveling down the coastline to Na trang alone would take us too much time. Time that we do not have.

So we figured that instead of doing one place in one day, we concentrate on Northern Vietnam instead.

We will stay in Hoi An until saturday and then hopefully move our way back north to a place called Sapa, located in the northwest.

We’ve rented a scooter until saturday so today we’ll try to get outside of

Hoi An to see some beautiful landscapes and remote villages.
So we will be out exploring now, we will give you an update as soon as possible, promise.

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