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[VIDEO] Slowfood / Terra Madre, Hoi An Vietnam, Dec 2012

This is our video from the Slowfood / Terra Madre event

Slowfood is a way of living and a way of eating.

Locally produced food that’s been grown for sustainability and to support the local market. Fresh and healthy. Terra Madre is a Slowfood event that is held all over the world on the 10th of December every year to celebrate and share the knowledge of Slowfood.We where invited to SON restaurant in Hoi An not knowing all about the concept of Vietnamese food. We had never joined a Terra Madre day before either so it was a new experience.

We thought Vietnamese food was all about fried rice and noodles but there are a huge diversity to the ingredients and how to prepare it. We where really amazed by the dishes that where presented at the Terra Madre event.

If you’re ever in a country that’s new to you in December we think you should keep a look out for Terra Madre day. You will learn so much about the local food and meet people you might never have met otherwise.

Celebrate the joy of food!

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