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Valentines day special – our most romantic spot

Valentines day special – our most romantic spot

As this years Valentines day was coming up we started thinking of romantic places and things we have done and visited on our adventure so far. After all, we did travel almost entire 2014. Surely there are many romantic locations in Asia.

One of the most romantic places and things we remember is the lightning storm on Siquijor island, Philippines.

We had just come home from a live performance night at the locals club in our neighbourhood as the power went out and the lightning storm rolled in.

We lived at this place called Treasure island. A bungalow style hotel complex right on the beach. We didn’t need to go far so we brought a flashlight and went out on the beach to look at the stars and the lightning that rolled over the ocean. It was magical, beautiful and so romantic to stand there together amongst palm trees and white sand. It is one of those moments we will never forget.

In Boracay, Philippines, we had a similar experience on one of our beach walks. Having a stretch of long, white sandy beach with the most spectacular sunset we had ever seen. Boracay is known for those by the way.

What is your most romantic travel destination?


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