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In the heart of Sweden lay this mysterical little town called Vadstena. Full of history it enchanted me and brought me back hundreds of years in time. Walking the stonetiled streets I could see in my mind how people lived their lives here back then. I myself have lived in a historical village and am used to old buildings and known historical names. But Vadstena really made an impression on me. Vadstena is a very small and compact town with one mainstreet and a few streets intergrating with it. And around it you have the “shorewalk“. You could say that it is build upon the church and monastry since Christianity and the church had very big power a couple of hundred years ago in Sweden. This makes it a very intriguing and exiting place.

Vadstena is most famous for its Church Heliga Birgitta and for its monastery complex where the nuns live even today.
Its historical suroundings and buildings makes Vadstena a popular sight for anyone who would like to stroll around for a historical walk or just to enjoy the atmosphere.
My favourite sights in Vadstena is the Monastery fruit garden, where they pick the fruits and berries for making their tasty marmelade and lemonade, which they sell to the public for a small profit.
Also the Church of  Helige Birgitta and the hanging toilet.

The hanging toilet is a perculiar sight. A hundred years back they did not have toilets at the cities mental institution and decided to make a smaller adjustment to the existing building. Sanitarity was not something they considered important at the time so they made the patients sit in it and do their business right on the street. Even hiring maintenance staff to pick up the excrements.
A bit unpleasant perhaps, but still.
Vadstena is what we call in Sweden a “summercity“. It comes alive when the sun is out. You see smiles and happy people on the street eating icescream, walking leasurly along the mainstreet taking in the atmosphere or walking along the shoreline of Vättern, Swedens second biggest lake.

Birdwatching and fishing is very popular here. Since Vättern offers a smårgåsbord for fish and birdlife with clean water and open spaces it is known for housing most of Swedens common and uncommon species.

If you’d like a touch of nature you can take a 15 minute drive to one of the surrounding sights like Tåkern, which is a popular meeting point for birdwatchers. Or if it’s winter you can wath locals drive their vehicles on the frozen lake
Or you can make a 20 minute drive to the regions highets viewingpont called Omberg. Here you get a 360 degree veiw of Vättern and it’s surroundings.

Vadstena surely has a lot to offer.

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Text by: Charlie
Photo by: Leonardo




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