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Up! Up! And Away!

Last weekend I came across a post on Facebook that really caught my eyes.

It was from a guy that said you could fly an airplane for a smaller amount of money. Just a 10-minute trainride from where we live.

I got so excited that I threw myself on the keyboard on my phone. No one else should come first! I wanted to book the flight. A bit selfish, I guess. But still.
And after making sure this guy Robert on Facebook got my reply, I called Leonardo to tell the news.
He was even more excited than I.
So, that was on Friday. On Sunday, after all the arrangements were made we hooked up with our pilot Robert who would take us on our adventure.
Meaningless to say, I was almost scared to death when I saw the plane. It looked bigger in the picture on Facebook.
The small Cessna plane stood on the grass just off the landing spot and the little operator house that belongs to Oslo flight club. And the plane looked as if it was anticipating something. Like: “Do you dare fly with me?”, with an apprehensive grin on its face. Like a dog waiting to catch a stick.
Our pilot prepared the last details to make sure all was well “security check” with the plane before takeoff.
As we got in I could feel my stomach twist. The area in the backseet was no bigger than in a car. I could fit myself in there and a small daypack.

Are we really doing this?

After all, this was my first time flying and I’m scared of heights.
Leo was almost jumping in his seat as our pilot Robert started the engine and got clearance from the control tower for takeoff.
The engine gave us a tiny buglike noise and a little speed, and we where off the ground.
I felt like I was in that Tv-show I used to watch as a kid. “Flying doctors”.
Only difference we where flying over concrete and huge land of forests and not an Australian outback. And our aircraft was a lot smaller.
My nervousness started to ease as we flew over the stunning landscape over “nordmarka” and Holmenkollen. And closing in on the Fjord of Oslo and Aker Brygge the sunset hit our eyes. And it was so beautiful.
Cruising the sky over the Oslo Fjord made everything look so big. But small from our altidude.
The pilot turned the plane around and now it was Leonardo’s turn to take the command.
With short guidance from the pilot he successfully steered us towards the landing spot.
Screaming with excitement Leonardo felt the plane work with him while flying over Oslo and Lillestrøm.
“My command” the pilot said and he took over the plane somewhat to Leonardos disapointment.
We landed and took the plane back to her spot. And we felt sad it was over.
We paid our pilot and left our cessna plane as she stood there facing the sunset.
This was an experience out of the ordinary for us. And you can do it to.
If you would like to fly into the sunset or any time of the day if that suits you better, you can contact the instructors at Oslo flight Club.
Our plane was a private plane like many  at the flight club. But many instructors fly with passangers.
We paid 450 Norwegian kroners each since we where two passangers. If three we would have paid 300 each . So 900 nok in total.
Well money spent!

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