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Turtle hatchery Kosgoda Sri Lanka

Turtle hatchery Kosgoda Sri Lanka

We had the time of our life’s in Sri Lanka. We ate Dahl, we swam in the ocean and we went on train rides through the west coast to see some amazing places. As with any trip we make we had a few highlights. One of them was when we lived with our new friends in the Kosgoda monastery. And another one when we visited a Turtle hatchery in Kosgoda.

Turtles are a very exposed species in Sri Lanka. Many are trapped in fishing nets and have their arms or legs cut of to get out of the net. They are then left to die. Their eggs are hunted for food and most never make it to adulthood.

In Kosgoda they have taken action against the slaughter of Turtles and opened several Turtle hatcheries. We visited one of them.
After only half an hour we could see tragedy for these poor turtles.

We think it is good that people take action for the cause of the Turtles. But if you do it, do it well. The turtles we saw at the hatchery were taken care of, medicated and treated for injuries. But that was it.
Their pools are so small, some can not even swim around properly. The staff let the visitors handle the turtles how ever they want and will not even make a protest when a viditor hurts one of their turtles. We witnessed that with our own eyes.
A rare giant albino Turtle should not be held in a small pool that is no more that 4×4 meters and one meter high. He should be free or if treated, at least in a big aquarium so that he would be able to swim. We are not so sure that these hatcheries actually helps the Turtles to a better future.
The actual hatchery is where new Turtles are hatched and released into the wild. That is a good action and the Turtle population slowly grows.

After what we have seen we do not really support the Sri Lankan Turtle hatcheries but we do like the idea of releasing new baby turtles.
If you are going to a Turtle hatchery make sure you now a little bit about the hatchery and do not donate money if you see turtles in small pools. They have donations and still the turtles do not get bigger pools.




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