Trekking in Catba Nationalpark in Halong bay during lowseason

Trekking in Catba Nationalpark in Halong bay during lowseason

We took the scooter out for a spin today to the nationalpark on the island.

It is an area covering about 263 km² and comprising 173 km² land and 90 km² of inshore water.

We took the adventurous path and found ourselv standing looking at this beautiful landscape with hilltops and green forests covered in mist.

Poisonious spiders and terrified monkeys joined us as we trekked further into the forest. Climbing over limestone rocks and deformed trees. We got to the top and sat there for a while and there where other brave ones there who also chose to take the adventurous path.

After about five hours of walking and climbing we finally made it back to our scooter. Tired and hungry we decided to see the other side of the island. Since we had fueled up our scooter and had nothing else to do today.

The landscape on the other side of the island is completely different. Steep valleys with green trees and bushes and villages that almost looked like they have been hidden away for more than one or two decades.

After about an hour and a half we arrived even hungrier at the hotel. Frozen as two icecubes we sat down in the hotelrestaurant and relaxed.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to Hanoi. We thought we would stay longer here in halong bay/Catba Island but there isn’t that much to do here at this time of the year. So back to Hanoi where we’ll end our journey. Four nights left.

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