Stockholm by Bicycle – sightseeing in Stockholm

Stockholm by Bicycle – sightseeing in Stockholm This friday was probably the first and best Swedish summer day so far this year. Being isolated inside for some days due to the unusually cold weather we decided to be brave and go outside. We wanted to see Stockholm, do some sightseeing and cover as much as […]

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Trädgårdsföreningen, the Garden Society, Gothenburg, Sweden

Trädgårdsföreningen, the Garden Society, Gothenburg, Sweden As we get of the blue and white tram (Gothenburg colours by the way) we got of right in the middle of central Gothenburg. The sun was out and people were enjoying the good weather by appearing with thin jackets and light clothes outside sipping coffee and eating icecream. […]

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Iceland Capital: Reykjavík Largest city: Reykjavík Population: 323.810 2013 estimate Time zone: GMT (UTC+0) Currency: ISK – Icelandic Krona Iceland, the mysteriuos country that has lured our imagination and travelinstinct for years. A trip to Iceland has always been a dream for us. To discover the country that is said to have mars-like landscape and fairytale surroundings. Is this really true? we thought. We […]

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Sweden Capital:  Stockholm Largest city: 1: Stockholm 2: Gothenburg 3: Malmö Population: 9,514,406 (2012 census) Time zone: IST (UTC+01 Currency:  Swedish krona (SEK) When you think of Sweden you might say something like: Swedish midsummer, blond girls, seafood and northern light. Sweden has all of that. But the girls are not only blond. We have the full colourspectrum like everywhere […]

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