Travel Gear

Travel Gear

When I started out traveling I always had too much stuff in my bag that I never needed and that’s never fun to carry around. Your back is aching and you feel misarable. One day my friends said when your packing your bag, lay out everything out so you see all your luggage out in the open and then just remove half of it. And for me its been working great. but sometimes you may have to bring a lot of stuff and that rule may not apply at all times.

Here we have listed some of the gear that could help you when you travel. When you’re out traveling around the world it can help you and make your trip go smoother. Especially when your gear is working and you have the gear you need. Hope it will be helpfull  // Leonardo



A good backpack is always good to have, one that is lightweight and have a good back panel and hip belt  that makes it easier to carry around if your going to be out and walking a lot. You also need to consider your choice of backpack depending if you’re a so-called “light” traveller who packs the necessities only or someone who likes to bring everything. Some backpacks are designed for just those purposes.

Drybags and packing bags:

Don’t you hate it when you’re out and about an it starts raining, and you realize that all your clothes are wet. And nearest place for shelter is miles away.

Next time, consider investing in drybags. They might cost you some of those hard-earned shiny coins, but well worth it when the rainy season makes an appearance.
You can get drybags for both your electronics (camera, laptop, iPhone, tablet etc) but also for your clothes inside the backpack.
To complement this you can also get regular packbags to help you get organized so you easily get access to your wardrobe.
There are a lot of different packbags to choose from. Try to organize your packing and see what you would need for you to get sorted. A little tips is to get different colours for the bags, so that you’ll recognize what is in which bag. Easy as 1,2,3.


First-aid kit is important to bring with you. You’ll never know when you get a cut or a scratch when your out in the bush trekking and exploring the world. It’s good to have bandage and disinfection and cleaning kit. with alcohol for cleaning your hands when you are going out for a snack.
Keep your eyes open while browsing, most stores that sell this have pre-made kits that includes the most useful items for first aid kits.


In big parts of the world they don’t have the luxury of always having electricity so a flashlight is always good to have. One that you can have in you hand and one you can have on your head so you have both hands free.
If you know that you’re going to be outdoor a lot, walking and exploring, we recommend that you invest in a good flashlight that can handle a beating and works in all weathers.

Mosquito net:

A mosquito net is a good way of protecting yourself from malaria and other dangers that you can get from mosquitos. This will give you a better chance of not getting bitten while you’re having your beatysleep and is all defenseless.


If your going to be out trekking it’s always good you have good shoes. And remember: If you buy new shoes always use them before you leave for your trip. Because I can promise you that getting blisters when you’re trekking /exploring is pain in the ass when you’re trying to have fun! and you really don’t want to be in pain when you’re traveling.

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