Trang Thi commercial service company

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Trang Thi commercial service company

Trang Thi commercial service company is a very small but cozy shop located in the Old quarter of Hanoi ( 116 HangGai Street ). They have very friendly staff and they are not afriad to bargain with you, especially if you make several purchases.

You can find silk- and kashmir scarfs, aswell as pashmina scarfs in any colour and the selection is very good. They also have numerous varieties of vietnamese arts and handicrafts.

If you fancy som chopsticks nicely wrapped for your mother in law or an ashray then take a look around, there is plenty to set your eyes on. Their speciality is scarfs and silkties with matching handkerchiefs.

Try to make multiple purchases here.Not only do they have a broad selection but they will give you a good price for all the pieces that you purchase. For good old customer service.