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Train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta

Train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta

Traveling through Indonesia is quite easy. As a traveller in Asia , some inconvenience and delays are something you must count on. Nothing is really on time.
Taking a train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta is not really a hazzle. We bought our tickets online. The tickets where about 350.000 Rupiah each. There are numerous ticket operators on line going for different price ranges. However it is very easy to buy your tickets directly at the train station, Gambir, in Jakarta.
The train ride from Jakarta to Yogyakarta takes about 8-10 hours depending on traffic, condition of the train and the people boarding and exiting the train.
As we entered the train station at seven in the morning we thought that it might be few people there, still thinking we should have good time before the train departs. Hungry and a bit stressed out after having nothing to eat and having a taxi driver from hell, we entered the train station in what looked like rush hour. Coffee Shops and fast food restaurants of different quality are everywhere. So it is easy to find a place to sit and look at other confused tourists while eating breakfast.
We checked in at the self- check in in the middle of the train station and sat down at Starbucks.
Not quite understanding the boards wit the train departure, I went to ask one of the staff for help. He wanted to see our tickets and said that we should go to the check in desk to enter the train platform. Having plenty of time, about an hour until departure, we sat down to have some more coffee. The staff member then came back and said we must hurry. The train was about to depart.
Already? but it was almost an hour left. we ran off with our backpacks and luggage hanging everywhere and showed our tickets to the uniformed staff at the check in and then ran up to the train. But which train? There are no signs!

Train station, java, indonesia, asia
After a few questions to locals we ended up on the right train and in our right seat. But there where no stress. The train departed half an hour later.
As we boarded the train we walked through several carriages to get to our seat. Each one with different standard.
You can choose between different classes, which might be a good idea if you are travelling over night. Depending on what price range you’d like there is hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper and sleeper deluxe.
The hard seat is what it sounds like. A seat. that is hard. The soft seat is a more comfortable, padded seat. A hard sleeper is a cabin with six bunk beds. Soft sleeper is a cabin with four bunk beds with more comfort. A deluxe sleeper is a cabin with two beds and its own toilet.

We sat in the hard seat. And it was actually not bad. So, the seats where not the most comfortable seat we ever sat in. But it was not like sitting on concrete either.
The toilet was what the mostly are in Asia. A whole in the ground with a hose or bucket of water for flushing. It can be a bumpy ride so it is advisable to do your business when the train comes to a stop at one of the many stations along the way.
If you didn’t get the chance to eat before departure then there are staff bringing food carriages through the train regularly.
As we get further east on the island of Java and towards Yogyakarta we see the landscape turn from trees and bushes with small houses and trash everywhere to lush tropical forest and rice paddies.
As in almost every city you’ll get attacked by people trying to sell you a hotel room or transport.
But with a little luck you’ll meet other friendly backpackers that are heading in to the city.

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