Tiger cave, tiger temple, Krabi, Ao Nang, Thailand

The Tiger cave Temple, Krabi, Thailand

The Tiger cave Temple, Krabi, Thailand

If you are planning to stay in Thailand or more specific in Krabi or Ao Nang then you have plenty of activities heading your way.

We had a few days in Krabi and wanted a fun day out and since Leonardo’s family was visiting we decided to go all in.

After having gone on a four island tour earlier that week it was time to pay a visit to the famous tiger cave temple just outside of Krabi.

The ground is set in a cave that is said to once be the home of a great Tiger. When hunters and gatherers came to the area the tiger would scare them away with its fierce roar. The cave became a legend and later a myth and now a temple is built on the grounds.

It is free to visit the grounds. As you enter you will have the actual Tiger cave and temple on your left hand side. A building is built around the temple filled with artifacts and shrines from the Buddhist monastery.

As you walk past the cave you will probably be greeted by one or more of the monkeys living in the area. They have a hobby of annoying the tourists and of they can snatch something from you they are even more happy to see you. They are not harmful. The center of the site has a big temple with statues playing traditional music where people come to pray.

And on your right hand side you can walk up stairs and head into the jungle to see some amazing limestone caves and formations.

If you feel fit you could take the some 2000 steps or so to the top of the mountain. It is a main attraction and many come here for the view and the giant Buddha that is resting up on the top.

The tiger cave and temple is a peaceful area and even though there are many tourists as well as locals we did not feel overcrowded.

A must visit if you like to get to now your surroundings some more.

From Krabi it is cheapest and easiest to get to the cave by local bus. They cost 50 Baht one way. You’ll find the bus at the corner of Soi 8 and 7- eleven. Same place as where the buses departs for Ao Nang. It is nearly impossible to miss the guy shouting our destinations at the street corner.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Most take long time to get up and down. Good exercise. I want to visit this place some day. Thank you for sharing all this information with us.

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