Thu Hau Hotel Catba City, Catba Island

Thu Hau Hotel Catba City, Catba Island

Thu Hau Hotel Catba City, Catba Island

The Thu Hau hotel is a small hotel located at the harbour of the city, together with all other hotels.

Thu Hau is quite popular both with tourist and amongst locals. While most hotelsrestaurants are empty, Thu Hau has a full house.

Rooms are clean and with good standard. Only thing we thought was a bit strange is that there is no actual shower. You use a showerhead that is located between the sink and the toilet. But all rooms are apparantly like that here, so I guess that’s nothing to complain about. They have a nice little restaurant with tables outside. The meals are typical vietnamese with mostly noodles or fride rice with meat or vegetables and various types of drinks and desserts.

The staff is very friendly and helpfull and will help you with any questions you may have.
They also arrange tours and have scooters for rent if you’d like. Scooters are about 5 USD a day.

Prices vary between 10-15 USD for a double or a twin bedroom.

Thu Hau Hotel Catba City, Catba Island
If you’d like to stay in Cat´ba city we recommend this hotel. The staff recognises you when you walk into the lobby after a long day out and you get a feeling that everyting is taken care of.

The owner is like a superwoman, handling everything from scooter rental, pickup with tranferbuses, foodorders, you name it. The rest of the staff knows little english but does their very best, but the manager has to step in sometimes . She runs it with style.

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