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Things we cannot live without as travelers

Things we cannot live without as travelers

As we have traveled for a year now we have noticed what things we use, which ones are essential and what is not.
At first all of our stuff was all over the place. We were new to this life and what was to come. Might as well take no chances and bring a lot of stuff right?
But after a while things started to get thrown out and replaced or just thrown out or given to someone in better need of it.
But there are some things that are absolutely essential to us. And maybe for many others like us.

The water bottle
Can’t leave the house ( bungalow/room/transit hall ) without it. Water is important to stay hydrated and keep you in good mood throughout the day. You lower the risk of being sun struck and you keep your digestive system in check. Your skin will thank you later.

Wet wipes
Anywhere any time. You’ll never know when you might need them. Some animal peed on you and you are in the middle of the jungle. Or like me, can’t resist to pet a cat and always get sick in my stomach from the bacteria they carry around (mainly in Asia). Or on flights. Most public toilets in Asia don’t provide toilet paper so you might need them for emergencies.

What do you really travel for if you can’t keep the memories right?

A code or key lock
A medium sized lock can get you a long way. In many places we have stayed at we needed to secure the door with a lock. Either because there weren’t any or we felt the need to use two locks on the door. Many cheaper hotels have hinge lock doors.
You can also use it to secure your backpack or gear.

Keep safe and block the harmful rays from your skin.

A place to keep your valuables
To be honest, we trust no one while we travel. Keeping your valuables like passports, tickets, insurance papers etc will keep you relaxed but will also keep stress away as you will know your valuables are safe and in the same place. A money belt or a waterproof plastic folder might be handy. Be sure to keep two copies of everything. One with you and one in a secure place like email or with family. If anything would happen to your copy, you’d still be safe.

A first aid kit
Accidents do happen. After a while on the road you get used to small scratches and bruises. They are just something that comes with the job.
But for blisters, bigger cuts or other injuries a small kit with tweezer, alcohol wipes and plasters will sooner or later come in handy.
You can put one together on your own depending on your needs or buy one at your pharmacy or travel store.

A positive and open mind
Things will not always go as planned and there are idiots all over the world (you know it’s true). So keep that in mind as you travel and your journey and life will be more happier and in harmony.

And also, always remember to have fun!

So these are our essential travel items as travelers.

We want to know your essential travel gear. What can you not travel without, ever? We want to hear from you.

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