Swim In Blue Tahitian Waters

Swim In Blue Tahitian Waters

Far from city life, traffic noise and the unpleasant smell of smog, there is a place almost untouched by modern society, one of the last places on Earth that has not yet fallen under the influence of Western civilization. Surrounded by the never-ending Pacific Ocean, sitting on the Tahitian beach looking at the sunrise will make you feel like on a deserted island, and that there is nothing else beyond the horizon. While sipping your Mai Tai on a black sand beach and waiting for the sun to come up you are thinking about what you could do today.Mai Tai

Possibilities are endless, so you are getting up, picking up your empty glass, leaving it on the beach bar counter and leaving for a new adventure. You walk down the path surrounded with beautiful tall palm trees, and slowly approaching the nearby village. People there are extremely nice, and most of them speak English so it is not hard to communicate, but you can still hear the indigenous language spoken by older, as well as younger generations and it is so nice that they still keep to their tradition. On the village market you can see them selling a number of interesting things, some of which you have never seen before, related specifically to their culture. You buy a few interesting items, just as souvenirs, and move on to look for a swimming suit, as you decided that it is a perfect day for swimming.

Sunset over the bungalows in Tahiti

Now there are two options: you can go to the city and find a pool, or you can explore the depths of the ocean. A pool might not seem as that interesting idea, because you have those back home, and while you are here you are supposed to experience something new. That is why in Tahiti there are pools specialized for swimming with dolphins. There are professionals working there who will help you with the basics and who will look out for you. Swimming with dolphins is actually not that dangerous, as they are kind animals used to encountering people on a daily basis. You can see people taking pictures in the water, high-fiving them and having the time of their life. That is something that should definitely not be missed, but on the other hand, there is that big blue ocean with its vibrant wildlife. However if you want to set off into the blue abyss, you will need someone qualified, as well as special equipment and a snorkeling mask, so that you can see everything while you are under water. You can explore the lagoons and caves that surround the beaches and see colorful corals and many different species of fish that swim carelessly by your side. If you feel really adventurous, you can gather courage and swim farther from the shore. Tahitian waters are famous for oceanic drop-offs, that will surely be a once in a lifetime experience. Not only will it stop your heart when you look over the edge, but the dangerous species that you could only see in movies are going to be just a few miles away from you.

Swimming with dolphins

Finally you swim back to the surface and straight to your very own overwater bungalow – because even the accommodation in Tahiti is magical and different from what you can see elsewhere. You sit on a deck and finish the day the same way you started it, by looking at the horizon, only this time you are thinking about an amazing adventure you had that day. While you are pouring another glass of Mai Tai in a glass, you are thinking how there is no place like Tahiti, and never again will you experience something similar, as there is nothing remotely amazing as swimming in the French Polynesia.

Guest Post by Kimberly Lawrence

Tahiti, a tropical beach

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