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Summer holidays 2015?

Cultural holidays 2015?

Planning on a vacation? want to go somewhere but not sure where?

There are a numerous of destinations out there and sometimes it can be really hard to choose. Should I book through an agent or by myself? with accommodation or without accommodation?
And where?

Well, we don’t want you to be stranded on your summer holidays (if it’s not somewhere warm and cozy that is). So we share one of our favourite travel destination for you in hope of shedding some light on the situation.

There are many places where you can go to get cultural but still have enough things to do to get away from sightseeing temples all day long for weeks.

Our ultimate destination for spiritual and cultural relaxation is Indonesia.

And not just any place in Indonesia. The town of Ubud is known for its recreational vibe and relaxing atmosphere.
And it goes without saying that Ubud is one of the most popular places to visit in the country.
Live well, eat well and stroll around the town centre. Visit the art market and the royal palace. Watch a traditional dance and take a Balinese cooking class. Yoga and wellbeing is big in Ubud. If you are new to this artform there are lots of beginner classes or try it out sessions.
Spend an afternoon eating healthy food from one of the popular, local eateries. Or go shopping.

Accommodation is relatively cheap and with good standard and there are a lot of options. We did not book anything in advance.

The opportunities are many. And if you get tired there are still a lot of activities outside of town you can choose from. Not far from Ubud is Sanur with its wide stretched beaches.
Take a silversmith class and go home with a silver jewelry.
The list is long.

Bali, Ubd, Indonesia, Town, travel photos

So if you want a relaxing holiday far from home but still be able to take in some culture and have a ton of fun experiences than we highly recommend Ubud, Indonesia.

The temperature in in Ubud, Indonesia, are usually between 27-30 degrees Celsius in the summer months with cooler evenings in July and August.

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