Stockholm by Bicycle – sightseeing in Stockholm

Stockholm by Bicycle – sightseeing in Stockholm

This friday was probably the first and best Swedish summer day so far this year. Being isolated inside for some days due to the unusually cold weather we decided to be brave and go outside. We wanted to see Stockholm, do some sightseeing and cover as much as possible. There is no better way to do that in Stockholm than doing Stockholm by bicycle.

Stockholm is actually very bicycle friendly and you can go literally anywhere if you’d like.
For six hours we flew on our bicycles through the most beautiful parts of the city. We visited the National park, the Haga park, sat down for lunch on the grass, fed ducks and watched crisp white swans on the lake, we bicycled around the parks through lush forest and passed calm idyllic lakes into iconic city areas. There were lots of people outside enjoying the warm weather, having Picnics on the grass.
After a few hours we stopped at Edsberg castle to sit in the park taking a break from our sore bodies. We are not used to sitting on bikes for this long.

We passed so many areas of Stockholm that we never would been able to cover by foot in one day.
Solna, Fridhemsplan, St Eriksplan, Stadshagen are just some of the areas we biked through. We could easily cover the inner city and the Royal castle too, but that has to be another day. our bodies are to sore to handle it.
But what an amazing way to spend a day in Stockholm.

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