Stamp shop, Hanoi, vietnam

Stamp Shop in Hanoi, Vietnam

Stamp Shop in Old Quarter, Hanoi

Stamp carving in wood, cooper, rubber & stone.

If you want a personalized sign or maybe a stamp for your on logotype, Stamp shop in Old quarter, Hanoi has a huge selection to choose from. They also have bigger carvings with beautiful motives of asian koifish, dragons and peacocks.
Service is very good and if you want you can have any design done for the next day, and for a reasonable price too. We bought a stamp in wood, about 5 cm in diameter and paid 150.000 VND.
The craftsman told us that carving wood in his family is a tradition and that he learned it from his uncle who taught him when he was very young. So the quality is as you can imagine, very good.


  • Mobile: 0127 552 6655
  • Email:
  • No. 7 Dinh Str.  Hanoi, Vietnam.


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