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Singapore, the cleanest city on earth

Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a country made up of almost one consisting city. Being founded in 1819 the location has made it a forum for many nationalities like Chinese, Malays, Indians and Europeans.

Getting from the airport is not difficult. Like most airports there are shuttle and taxis on standbye to take you to a given destination. A taxi journey cost somewhere between 20-60 Singapore Dollar and takes about 25-30 minutes. Most taxis run on taxameter.

Metro (MRT)
Singapore has an expanded system of metro, MRT, that spans all over the city. It is easy to navigate through the differnt routes. Buy your tickets at given ticket machines and you are on your way.

Getting around the city with bus is almost as easy as riding the MRT and is often cheaper and more efficient than taxi.
On bigger streets the buses has several busstops depending on the routenumber so it might be a good idea to take note of or take a photo of the closest busstop to your accomodation. The names are often hard to pronounce and are short for some street or area.
A busride costs about 1.50 Singapore Dollar per journey. You pay the exact amount (busdrivers do not keep change) in a box at the drivers seat and get a paper ticket from a machine.
The buses are usually double deckers.

Sights & attractions

Marina Bay sands
Marina Bay sands hotel has become one of Singapores most known and visited attraction because of its architecture by Moshe Safdie and its reknowned infinitypool.
Take the MRT to Bayfront station and you’ll have the hotel a few steps away.

The Sky park
Marina Bay sands offers tickets to their famous Skypark where you can get one of the citys best views. Tickets can be purchased at the hotel reception for 23 Singapore Dollars.

Singapore Flyer
Finished in 2008 the Singapore Flyer is now one of Singapore main attractions. The 165 meter ferris wheel dominates the skyline as the second biggest in the world. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

Gardens by the bay
If you are looking for a get away from the city hazzle but don’t have the time or energy to travel far, then Singpore Gardens by the bay might be a good idea to explore.
It is close o the harbour located just next to Marina Bay sands hotel and Bayfront MRT station.
Stroll around in lush forest or take a walk along the canal promenade that has been built around the gardens. They have approximately 250 types of orchids in their glass dome and you can go and see the waterfall or have a nice lunch.
One of the most popular attractions is to take a walk on the bridge that runs between the Supergrove trees.

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo is famous for its night safari. Check out their website for more information about tickets and current exibitions.

Sentosa Island
Want to enjoy a day out and some family fun? then Sentosa Island could be the destination for you. Packed with activities for the family and equiped with its own Universal Studios you can enjoy a couple of hours here.

Orchard road
Orchard road is the biggest shopping street in Singapore. Here you have the most upscaled brands like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton but also most shoppingmalls and brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21 and H&M.
Get there either with bus or MRT.

Little India
If you like hanging with locals and see a bit of culture then head of to “Little India“. It is basicly a community where mostly Indian people live. Stroll around the area and do some shopping in the many shops along the streets or dive into the inferno of Mustafa mall.
Eating out here is not hard to manage. There are restaurants and diners all over the place.
Ananda Bavan Vegetarian is a nice little authentic diner to visit if you’d like to enjoy some Samosa or a cooling Mango Lassie. They serve many types of Indian dishes. Keep in mind that this it not a cozy restaurant. It is a “quick eat”-diner.
Easiest access to Little india is by bus or MRT to Little India station.

Singapore has a lot of shopping opportunites. There are a numerous malls spread all over the city with differnt approaches and different target groups. And they stand tall in every corner so you can’t really miss them.
One of most popular areas for shopping is Orchard road which is also one of Singapores longest streets. Most malls are also located on Orchard road.

Little India
If you are looking for a bargain on shoes, sarongs or basicly anything you could head out to Little India and stroll along the shops there. Busy and lively streets crammed with gadgets and everything in between.

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