Bali, SIlversmith class, Ubud, Leonardo, Charlie

A silversmith class on Bali

A silversmith class on Bali

Bali is known for its creative and urban vibe. And for silver. Around Ubud in particular, many silversmiths and artists have their base.

If you are in Bali in the Sanur or Ubud region and are driving around you will most likely have a man driving up next to your scooter and compliment you on your shirt, mustache, dress or anything that is visible. And then they will ask you where you are from.

They are mostly, to 99 percent, salespeople who are sent out by some family member that is a silversmith and have classes or they have a shop or are silversmiths themselves.

What they do is they get connection with you and talk about their class at the red lights and try to sell you a class. If you say you’re not interested they will give you a card in case you change your mind.

We had several men on motorbikes that came up to us like that. Especially when we lived in Sanur and drove to Ubud for our volunteer work every day for two weeks.

One of the first days we asked a man on a motorbike for directions and he was headed the same way as us and agreed to show us the way. Half way there he stopped at a small dirt road and declared that this was his stop. We talked for a while and as it turned out he was also one of these men that are silversmiths and he too held classes.

He seemed like a very nice man and we both wanted to try the art of silversmiths so we decided to visit him in his home the next day.

He lived not far from Ubud. His house were quite modern overlooking a big rice field. He lived there with his sister and her husband and his mother.  His workshop was in a small shed on one side of the property. It was a shed with three walls where he had all he needed to create his jewelry.

A silversmith class on Bali can be different depending on who is teaching it, but for us it was more an observation class and we got to try a few steps in the process, but we liked it. We had a fun day with the silversmith and his colleague or brother in law and we went home with a pair of silver earrings and a silver ring that we still have with us today.

We highly recommend you to attend a silversmith class if you are on Bali. It is part of the culture and a great way to learn more about the people and the island.


Bali, SIlversmith class, Ubud, Leonardo, Charlie

Bali, SIlversmith class, Ubud, Bali silver

Bali, SIlversmith class, Ubud, Leonardo

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