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Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sihanoukville Cambodia, the beach holiday destination

The southern tip of Cambodia holds one of the newest upcoming holiday destinations in Asia. Now a city covered with three major beach areas, Sihanoukville is now a popular stop for many tourists in Cambodia. Many believe that this relatively new city will be the new Phuket since it holds some of Cambodias best beaches.

From Kampot it takes about 4 -5 hours with minibus and costs about 8$ for each person.

Sights & attractions

There are no real “sights” in Sihanoukville. Not in the terms of classic sightseeing. Sihanoukville is all about the beaches, the eateries and the nightlife.

beach restaurant, Sihanoukville, beach, resortOcheteaul beach

Ocheteaul beach is the most popular beach in Sihanoukville. The long sandy beach offers bars, restaurants and fun for a reasonable price. At night the beach comes alive with music, cozy outdoor bars and people trying out their firework purchases from the street sellers.

Victory beach

Victory beach is the beach located to the far north of the Peninsula. Once a popular place for budget travelers it still holds some of its backpacker charm.

Independence beach

Once the beach of the seven storie Independence hotel this long sandy beach is less crowded at the south end and is located just next to a fresh water lake which is rumoured to have crocodiles. Whether that is true or not is still to be discovered.

Serendipity beach

Often called the Western beach the Serendipity beach is the most west-inspired beach of them all with restaurants serving western food such as Italian and American food.

Otres beach

Otres beach is known to be a bit more on the quiet side with beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Not some much for parties.


Downtown Sihanoukville is a busy city center with everything you might need. Markets, supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants. And also lots of hotels and a hospital.

beach restaurant, Sihanoukville, beach, resortThe Lion statue round about marks the beginning of Downtown.


Downtown market

The Downtown market in Sihanoukville holds everything from clothing, hairdressers, tailors and food to spare parts for motorbikes. A popular place to locals as well as tourists. Make sure you get a glimpse of the street food here. It is said to be one of the best. There is also a woman who sells waffles that are delicious.

Swedish “snus”

Many non-scandinavians have not heard of the word “snus“. It is basically tobacco in small portion bags that you put under your lip. It is heavily popular in many Scandinavian countries and not available in many countries other than in Scandinavia. Some Asian countries has a Swedish shop owned by a Swedish expat of sorts but other than that it is not stocked anywhere else. So for many it is a real joy to get a hold of. In Cambodia the only place we have heard of that stocks snus is Sihanoukville. The snus here is sold on many major restaurants and hotels around the beach areas. It is made by a local expat so it is not the original brands but it still does the trick. It can be yours for approximately 7$.


Sihanoukville has eight casinos for those with the urge to splurge. Most located near the Lion round about.


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