Flag of Scotland

Capital: Edinburgh
Largest city: Glasgow
Population: 5 254 800
Time zone: IST (UTC)
Currency: Brittiskt pund (GBP)

Scotland, known for whiskey, the Loch Ness-monster and Braveheart.


It is a very diverse country roughly divided in three parts: The lowlands, which is the southern parts with the Capital city. The Midlands, yes, you guessed it, the middle region. And the highlands up in the north. Edinburgh is the capital city.

To see the landscape you should travel to the highlands, where you get to see the “glens” or mountains and valleys. If citylife is more your thing, then the southern area like Edinburgh and Glasgow might be your best choice.

You do not need a visum to visit Scotland, and there are no specific things to plan before travelling to Scotland. But you should pack for all four seasons.
Best time to visit is march to october. But you might experience all four seasons either way during winter, spring or autumn.
If you like history, rustic food, alcoholic beverages in plenty and amazing landscapes, then this is the place to be.

Fun facts:
We’re still not convinced that there actually is a Loch Ness-monster
Try a “fried marsbar” during your stay. It’s a cultural thing.
Scottish people are very friendly, don’t let the harsh language scare you off, Scots are not afraid of telling  jokes.
Never ask a Scotsman what Clan he belongs to if you’re in a hurry.

There are plenty of airlines flying to Scotland. From Scandinavia there are airlines like Ryanair, Norwegian, SAS and KLM




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