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Sanur, Bali – White beaches and big resorts

Sanur is a small village or city if you will just about 30 minutes from Ubud.

A city located just by the beach and so has a lot of resorts and accommodation on offer so that you can enjoy all the fun the sea has to offer.

Staying in Sanur can be cheap and can be expensive depending on your demands. A room can cost as little as 120 Rupiah and up. Only fan and cold water shower depending of what types of conveniences you would like to add on and how close to the beach you prefer to live. There are everything from resorts to homestays here.

Sanur, bali, indonesia, travel info,

Sights & Attractions

For us there really isn’t much to see in Sanur. It is a perfect place for relaxation and long walks on the beach and some occasional beer or two. The location makes it easy to get to Sanur beach which is one of the more popular beaches in the area and you can also rent a scooter and drive along the coast.



Sanur has a very nice food market every evening from about six o’clock. Serving everything from Nasi Goreng to Chicken Satay and fruit juices. Shopping mostly consists of souvenirs, sarongs and jewelry. Not a place to go if you’d like to go on a shopping spree. But still nice to stroll around the streets browsing.

Getting around

It is easy to rent a scooter for between 50.000 to 80.000 a day. There are also many ticket offices on the main street offering tours and tickets to many attractions and destinations in the area and Bali in general. We bought a tour to Mt. Batur which is in the north east of Bali.

Sanur, bali, indonesia, travel info,

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