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Sa Dec the sleepy Vietnamese town

Sa Dec the gateway to south Vietnam

There are many stops and towns you can pass through on your way to the south. If you are doing longer distances you might need to make stops.

We made ours in Sa Dec. We were told by our travel agency that it is a less touristy town with charm and many things to do there.

Our goal was the Mekong Delta so we were at least in the right direction.

The bus leaves every hour from Ho Chi Minh bus station so there is really no rush. Go whenever you feel like it.

If you buy your ticket from a travel agency you will first be taken to a small station by taxi. You might think it is a bus station. It has some plastic waiting chairs and mini buses comes to pick up passengers. This is also where you’ll get the ticket. But this is just a transit stop. From here you’ll be taken to the actual bus station.

Many stop at a city called Vinh Long as a destination. We chose Sa Dec. The bus ride takes approximately 4-5 hours including a small 20 minute stop for food in My Tho. There is a food court and toilets there.

Once you arrive in San Dec you need to cross the bridge to get into the town. About a five minute walk.

Sa Dec is a peaceful little town with the delta river running right through it. It is a business center with industrial areas that attracts many business people from the Mekong Delta.

When it comes to tourists it does not attract as much as it attracts business people. It is a quiet small town where people get on with their everyday life. Some locals smile and are happy to see you. Some are not so happy. No one is ruse or unpleasant but we felt a sense of boredom.

Sights & attractions

As far as sightseeing there is a good market in the town that is located on the city center and along the river side. There is no floating market here. The market here is on land.

The town is known for its flowers during season and there are a lot of shops selling flowers all yera round.

Chilli Farm

There are some chilli farms around As Dec that you can visit. Most of them are family rim. Ask your hotel or travel agency before you depart to Sa Dec if they have any good information on which farm might be the best one.


There are few hotels in town. Only a couple are named “hotel” in English but there are a few that has their name in Vietnamese. Rooms vary in price from 200.000-400.000 Vietnamese Dong


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