Rum för papper (Room for paper)

Rum för papper (Room for paper), Gothenburg, Sweden

rum för papperRum för papper (room for paper)is a little shop located in the sofisticated victoriapassage in the heart of Gothenburg.

They have a huge selection of papers and stationary and the staff has great knowledge of the brand they sell and of the market aswell.


They sell binders and organizers wrapped in cloth instead of the traditional cardboard from bookbinders design

I bought an organizer from them that you can customize in any way you like. With businesscardslots, calendar, plasticfolders and lined paper for notes and more. And you can refill and reorganize it anytime you want. A nicde gift or something to help you get your life get sorted.

The saleswoman in the store told me thta they will get a machine in spring next year so that they will be able to emboss the binders and folders they sell so that the customers can get their stationary customized. I nice gesture if you would like to put your own brand on your stationary or for weddinggifts or babyshowers. Or if you’re one of those that likes that little extra touch.

You can also find tolls for bookbinding and they also have courses for bookbinding.

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