Rouge park Toronto -

Rouge valley national park, Toronto, Canada

Rouge valley national park, Toronto, Canada

Canada is known for its wildlife and great outdoors. But being in Toronto or Ajax to be precise, the distances are long. And the great outdoors are far away and the real north with the huge wildlife diversity is too cold for us right now.
But we still wanted a glimpse of the Canadian nature and hopefully some wildlife.

Just outside of Toronto is a National park. Rouge Valley National park. The park is over 40 square kilometers and is the park that is in the reach for our urge for exploration.
So we packed our bags and went to the outdoors.


Usually, there is a camping site in the park, but as that is closed for the season and most people are at work, we had the park almost to ourselves. Except for one or two walking their dogs in the main area.
But what is “main area”, right? Why not go beyond that? Oh! does the sign say “trail closed due to posinous plants”? Oh well, we won’t be bothering those. Let’s go in there!!

And in we went. The forest was like taken out of a movie with lots of fallen trees. Many trees had been knocked down by ice storms that usually hits the area in the harsh winters. It was almost like walking into a battlefield of trees. But so beautiful though. It is a landscape like no other. This part of the park is in a valley with the hills on one side and the river on the other side of us. Connecting to a more sofisticated trail than ours. We tried to get over but after a while we realized we had more fun walking around the trees, climbing, crawling.
The snow had nearly melted away completely so there was a lot of mud. But it didn’t matter.
Leonardo who loves animal photography went all crazy when the birdlife accepted our presens. Wood peckers, small birds, big birds, all kinds of birds and even eagels came close. As the squirrels went about their business collecting nuts and seeds, we heard a Coyote in the distance.
We had made a trek of almost 4 hours in this forest and we had really been blessed to see so many animals. We did not expect that much.
Just before we decided to make our last stop to eat on one of the fallen branches,  a deer family of four appeared. They were scared. But who wouldn’t be when a guy in a mustache an a girl in a bright red jacket climbs through the forest like two people on the TV show Survival Alaska.

We watched them for a while and they gave Leonardo some really good  photos. They seemed to like us.
This was a true Canadian outdoor adventure.

Photo by Leonardo Mahzouni

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