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Prambanan – For a richer cultural experience

Prambanan A cultural highlight

Prambanan, once a destination for hindus seeking a closer relationship with their Gods it is now one of Indonesia’s most visited sights and one of the most well known temples in the world.

Located about 17 kilometers from central Yogyakarta makes it is easy to get there. Either book a tour with one of the many ticket agencies in the town or go there on your own.

Taking the local bus on your own can be tricky since you have to change bus and routes a few times, depending on where in the town you are staying. But the locals and staff are very friendly and tells you where to get on and off.

It can be an adventure on its own taking a local bus to Prambanan. The buses are small minivans and the bus stops are placed on high pillars or platforms about a metre or two from the ground.

When approaching the station the staff member in charge of the doors will shout out the name of the station and the stops ahead and the stops interchanging the station. While he does that he opens the sliding door to the van as the van is still going fast and people get on and off before you’ve even noticed the cue from the outside. When he calls out you can distinguish the word “Prambanan” and then you know it is either time to get off and change bus or you have arrived. Since you are a tourist most locals assume that you are going to Prambanan and will gesture something if you are mistaken at the busstop.

Same thing if you are in transit at one of the bus stops.

Once you have reached the final bus stop it is a ten minute walk to the ticket office and entrance.

The entrance fee for Prambanan is 250.000 Rp for adults. Students and children get discount.

A sarong is included in the price which has to be worn during the whole stay out of respect for the temple and the Hindu religion. You return the sarong when you exit the sight.

Prambanan was hit by the big earthquake in 2006 and parts of the temple was destroyed. Construction sights are placed out to restore it.

The sight is now built up so that you have a big park to walk around in. Prambanan temple as the biggest attraction and then smaller temples surrounding it. There is also a small childrens Zoo with some domestic animals and green areas to sit in to have some food.


As you exit the park there will be a inferno of shops and kiosk with sellers trying to get your attention to buy water, snacks or souvenirs. And there are a lot of it. So if you’re looking for something to bring back home from Prambanan you will not go home empty handed.

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