Oslo Autumn editon

Oslo Autumn editon

Oslo is a really beautiful place, especially in Autumn. So we decided to go out on a one day expedition.

There is a special type of feeling to Oslo in Autumn, almost like everyone is waiting for something. Like anxiety mixed with harmony.

We only did Oslo for one day so we didn’t really find those special places that only the locals know of. Well, we know of some places you could go to that’s not so touristy, but we wouldn’t have had time for it anyway.

The places we visited are the highlights of Oslo, and of course packed with tourists.
We had six hours and visited five highlights.
You can easily do between 5-10 highlights depending on how long you’d prefer to stay on each one.
If you rely on local transport, you’d be happy to know that the metro and tram (and buses) takes you to just about all of the highlights.

We planned on using the Oslo citibikes (you buy a day pass and can pick up a bike at stands all over the city. But do not plan your trip on using these, cause the tourist information might be sold out of day passes.

So we went by foot (most of the time) instead.

We saw the main street, Karl Johan Street, which led us to the Royal castle. We went from there to The VigelandPark, or Frognerparken, and from there we went by metro to Jernbanetorget, which is a square in the heart of the city centre. From there we took us to the Operahouse which marked the end of our expedition.

To show you everything that Oslo have to offer, would take us several days, so we chose to give you a video with the highlights, and give you the rest of the city later. If you have any tips on where to go or what to do in Oslo, leave us a comment and we might end up there:)

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