Capital: Oslo
Largest city: Oslo
Population: 5,002,942 (2012 census)
Time zone: IST (UTC+1
Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)

Norway famous for its fjords, oil and Vikings. We have seen none of these, except for the Fjords. To see the Fjords your destination would be east or north. You have to keep in mind, that even though the landscape takes your breath away, don’t open your wallet unless you really need to!!

Norway -

Norway is a very expensive country where you’ll have to pay about $43 for a pizza and a coffee approximately $7.

But still, Norway is worth a visit.
The people are like no other. They are friendly, hospitable and most of them actually speak very good english.

Most foreigners tend to believe that Norway is highly populated with polar bears. We are here to kill the myth: There are none. But it can be cold…and we mean REALLY COLD! So if you choose too visit in winter (october-february in the southern parts)please don’t, if you’re not here for skiing and other winter activities or if you’d like to see the Northern Lights.

Oslo is the capital city which have three big international airports.

If you are adventurous and would like to head north, we would recommend to go by train up the coastline (NSB train line) or rent a car for maximum flexibility. A rental car could cost you about 1500-2500 NOK depending on when you book and for how long.

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