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Night bus from Siem Reap to BBK Bangkok

Night bus from Siem Reap to BBK Bangkok

If you are planning to do a trip through Asia you might be traveling with a nightbus/sleeperbus or two. It is the most efficient way of travel if you want your holiday to be timesaving and efficient.

The night bus between Siem Reap and Bangkok is no exception. Although it is timesaving, efficient might not be the best way to describe your nightly journey between Cambodia and Thailand.

We travelled from our hotel in Siem Reap to Bangkok. The journey cost us 15 USD each and the journey was said to take around 8 hours. The tickets are available at most hotels, guesthouses and travel agencies.

We got picked up at 2 in the night by a taxi bus. One of those with open loading space with two rows of benches to sit on. We could tell the driver was in a hurry because the driving was like taken from a formula 1 race. Picking up more passengers along the way the space in the back got smaller and smaller. At the point where there was no more space left, we pocked up some more passangers which had to stand on the steps in the back and hang on to what ever they could get a bold on. And the race continued.

After a good 15-minite drive we all got dropped of at an agency in town.

There was no one there but us and the other fellow passangers. And it was already 30 minutes past departure time. But no bus. Hungry, tired and a bit annoyed by the past driving we waited some more.

After an hour the bus arrives from Phnom Penh. But it had to unload everything on the bus first before we could get onboard. But hardly any people came out. And during that hour the staff unloaded everything from rice, vegetables, bicycles and motorbikes came out of the loading space of the bus. There was so much goods that the waiting future passengers couldn’t fit on the pavement.

We finally got on our bus and found our seats. The sleeping buses in Asia usually have sleeper seats like small sofas with space for laying down. No big spaces but it is still nice to have a chance to get some sleep.

When everyone on board thoight it was time to hit the road. The staff though otherwise and started replacing one of the wheels on the loaded bus. Which took about one more good 30 minutes.

The bus started rolling and so did the driver with his local music and singing on highest volume.

Everyone tried to get some sleep and after a few hours we woke up, not really knowing where we were. We had arrived in Poipet.

Poipet is told to be the wild west of Cambodia with lots of attempts of scams on unexperienced travellers. And we could tell that here was everyone for themselves.

A chaos started to unfold as we got of the bus and picked up our backpacks. People tried to get us to pay a few dollars for documents that are free like arrival and departure cards, there were badges that had to be handed out and the lines of people got bigger and bigger.

Once we reached the exit point for Cambodia we walled a couple of hundred meters to the entry point to Thailand. The line for foreigners where long and people where tired from the journey on the bus. But it went quite fast and we where of to our bus.

The Thai side of the border is a bit unorganized and it can be hard to find your connected bus. We asked around and found it after a couple of minutes. And the journey continued. From here we had to take a minivan to Bangkok. The journey was smooth from the Thai border and we made stops along the way for toilet breaks and food.

All in all the journey took us around 11 hours. Being on a sleeperbus between countries might sound like a horrible experience and something to avoid. But in the end you save money on these buses. They are cheaper, you save money fronm not staying at a hotel and when you have arrived and settle in you can laugh at the experience and have a good memory from the night you spent on a night bus from Siem Reap to BBK Bangkok.

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