Mt. Batur, adventure, Bali, mountain, Mt. Batur, tourist information, trekking, volcano

Mt Batur, Bali – Indonesia

Climbing Mt Batur, Bali

Bali has amazing nature and trekking opportunities. One of them is Mt Batur located in the north east of Bali. Just about 2-3 hours from Denpasar. Offering a view on 5,633 ft.

Be ready to wake up early if you would like to get the best view and a good look at the sunrise from the very top of the mountain. The taxi will pick you up at your hotel at one or two at night taking you to the foot of the mountain. Your guide assigned to you will then lead you up the mountain. The trekking takes about two hours.

This was our experience:

Having decided to trekk up Mt. Batur we started browsing ticket offices in Sanur where we stayed at this point. The prices varies quite a bit and you can easily bargain it down to half price. We got our tour for about 1200 Rupiah for two (the sellers first price was 1500 Rupiah for two) and raincoats, flashlights and breakfast was included.

We had a few hours sleep and the headed of at two in the morning to our adventure on Mt. Batur.

Mt. Batur, adventure, Bali, mountain, Mt. Batur, tourist information, trekking, volcano

After having lingered around the narrow roads made of black volcanic ash we made it to the foot of the mountain. There where a few groups of tourists waiting and our guide met us as we stepped out of the car. You could tell that she lived close by and earned her living by taking tourists up the mountain.

Supplied with flashlights and raincoats we started our walk. After 10 minutes thumbeling in the dark the path got rockier and more difficult to trekk on.

After half an hour we had a few minutes stop. We were tired already but our guide was even more tired and she slowly, very slowly, lingered on.

More terrain and more rocks and ashes started to appear and the path got very steep. Are we there yet? I asked our guide. It felt like we should be half way by now.

No, it was 20 minutes to half way. Where we really that slow?

We arrived half way, our guide insisted on holding one of our hands all the way up since the path is very rocky. But after a while it felt kind of ridiculous. I sure can walk on my own, thank you.

When we arrived at the foot of the mountain there were only a few tourists. Now we were half way up or so and we could see a snake of flashlights in the dark getting up the mountain.

Mt. Batur, adventure, Bali, mountain, Mt. Batur, tourist information, trekking, volcano

We are almost there now and we are absolutely exhausted. We are not professionals in trekking. Not even close. And the guide must have been on a very long holiday because she looked even more tired.

She said that the place we stopped at this time are the stop that most people call “the top”. You’ll get good scenery and don’t have to trekk the most difficult part which is about 25 minutes on a loose stone wall under your feet. We could tell she really wanted us to call it enough there. But stubborn as we are we decided that if we have come all this way we will make it to the very top.

With a clearly disappointed guide and almost no strength left in our legs we kept on going with determination up to the top of Mt. Batur.

Up on the top the sun has started to rise and the sky is turning into a pink and orange bonanza. Overlooking the volcano and the mountains and sea of Lombok we looked at the sun rise in the horizon.

Tired, sore and cold but It was worth every minute.

We were told there would be breakfast at the top. Some groups got breakfast with sandwiches and tea. We got one boiled egg and a glass of sweet milk to share.

But we were to tired and happy to even care.

After the sunrise was enjoyed we started our way back down the mountain. The path looked so different now and it felt even harder to get down as our feet and legs where really tired from the climb up. Most rocks are loose so you’ll have to consider and plan every step you make.

We made it half way and stopped at a small monkey temple and caves. A nice break from the climbing.

Mt. Batur, adventure, Bali, mountain, Mt. Batur, tourist information, trekking, volcano

Arriving at the foot of the mountain we filled out our “satisfaction card”, apologise for not bringing any tip for the guide (apparently it is good custom here) we went back to our driver that had been sleeping in the car all night waiting for our return.

As a perfect ending of our adventure we stopped on the way back to look at the beautiful valley and the overview of the volcano. It can not get any better than that.

Mt. Batur was definitely worth it.

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