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Live with monks in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

Living with monks in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

An adventure can come to you at any time. All over the world, at home, on your way to work, or in Kosgoda in Sri Lanka.

We took a train ride down south to experience the coast life and visit a turtle hatchery. Without really knowing where to go, as there are many hotels, we were picked up by a TukTuk driver.
He said that there is a good place to stay in Kosgoda relatively cheap with nice people. Let’s go there, we said.
It turned out to be a small Buddhist monastery with eleven monks hidden away off the main street just next to the beach. A small lagoon with white houses, a clock temple and a main temple stood proud as we entered the monastery grounds.
The head monk greeted us as we entered the monastery and showed us the rooms available. We found a room for us and they cleared out a room in one of the repaired houses that where damaged by the tsunami. They even brought up a new bed and bed frame for us so that our stay would be the best possible.
We spent three days at the monastery playing games with the small monks and having discussions and being teached by the head monk earning their trust.
The head monk read our hands and took us on a turtle exploration on the beach. Everyone wanted to join.
The small monks taught us the basic words in their language and we showed them videos from our travels and slowly became close friends with them sitting in the head teachers living room looking in his photo albums of his journey to India.
We felt like this is a privilege and not something that happens often or to most people.
He blessed us and gave us king coconut oil that they produce behind the temple, or sign room. One drop of the oil on top of your head every day will prevent evil to reach you and giving you good luck and good health.
We witnessed a chanting in the monks chanting room and the TukTuk driver who also works at the temple and is a relative to the head monk made homemade woodstove Dall for us everyday in their monastery kitchen with help from the small monks.
He also took us to a herbal garden which was really exciting and educational.
It really felt like family away from family to us. The monks at the monastery are curious and welcoming and we really connected with them.
Our adventure in Kosgoda turned out to an adventure of a lifetime.
Words can not really express what we have experienced here. The kindness and warmth of the monks and staff at the temple has really opened our hearts and we will be forever grateful.
Anyone is welcome to live with monks at the monastery in Kosgoda. No matter background and religion. But it is not for everyone. The monastery is a place for reflection and respect. If you are looking for party this is probably not the place for you.
We thank the monks and staff at the monastery with all our hearts.

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