Less than two weeks left to Vietnam

Less than two weeks left to Vietnam

It’s now monday and less than two weeks until the flight takes off to Vietnam.

Planning is going……….well, we’re getting there:)
There are so many things to see and explore that it’s so har to choose when your only traveling for two weeks. But I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.

Hotel is booked. I (Charlie) got a really nice hotelroom booked as a birthdaypresent from Leonardo. It was SPOT ON! So I’m really looking forward to see what it’s like and how different everything is going to be.
I’m prepared for a minor culturechock.

Our first hotel is told to be in a really good neighbourhood where we will have access to just about everything. And we want to see EVERYTHING!

We will land in Russia and be there for 12 hours between flights. And apparantly we need a transitvisa. Go figure, if we wanted to stay at the airport the visa would be unnecessary.
But since we figured we would give Russia a try…..then visa it is.
So tomorrow, the Russian embassy will get a visit from me. скрестив пальцы (fingers croosed-acording to google translator:P)

So, I’ll have to get on with the planning. I’ve got my beefnoodles to set the mood.

So wish me luck with my planning. If you have any tips, I’ll be more than happy to accept it:)

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