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Krong Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia

Krong Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia

Traveling through or around Cambodia often means a trip to Kampot.

Kampot is one of the bigger towns in southern Cambodia and unlike its neighbor Kep it has small shops, supermarkets and ATMs.

Kampot offers a calm riverside with bars, restaurants and pubs with a relaxed feeling and good food. The atmosphere is layed back and everyone takes the day in their own pace. Enjoy a happy pizza if you’d like or hire a bicycle for around 1$/ day and cruise around town.Kampot, riverside, hotel

Sights & Attractions

Kampot pepper plantation

Although Kampot is a small town it is world famous amongst many. Kampot has one of the best black pepper plantations and pepper farms in the world and of you’d like there are plenty of them that you can visit. The Kampot pepper plantations are located a few kilometers from the town but very accessible with a motorbike.

Trekking and waterfalls

If you feel up for a bit of excersicing you can go trekking and see waterfalls in the area around Kampot.

Bokor national park and Bokor mountain has an area with several tracks and if available you can stay the night at the rangers station.

Unfortunately the mountain and Bokor national park is being destroyed bit by bit by a US$1bn casino development – the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort. So wildlife will be much harder to spot than you could imagine. Tigers where once in these forests. Although they where rare there are now said to be none.

Boat trip

If you have 5$ to spare you could go on a boat ride along the river to take in the atmosphere and the beautiful scenery of the hills accompanied with the Kampot river promenade.

Kampot market

A visit to the Kampot market is like discovering a little gem. The market is old and Even though some parts had been renovated it still has its old charm. You need to watch your head and steps as younwall along the narrow lanes. The roof is in manynparts of the market just a plastic sheet held up by a wooden plank or sometimes nothing. The floor is sometimes just mud with some planks layd out to make steps easier. But the market has almost everything you might need and more and it is hard to leave without a smile.


Between Kep and Kampot lies Kampong Trach a small village with great mystery. It holds a complex of temples right in the heart of the village. One of the biggest in the area. But also a hill formation with a hill cave hidden underneath. As you go along the dirt road just off the main road you will be accompanied by several kids on foot and bicycle who all wants to give you a guided tour. Want you pay them is up to you, as they say, but a few dollars each will do. As long as that cover their batteries for the flashlights. The kids will tell you some amazing stories about the dragon and the eagle in the caves and tell you when and where these limestone formations where created. If you are brave you can longer up to the top of the hill and get an amazing view over the landscape.


There are plenty of guesthouses and hostels available on every street. Prices range from 6$/night to whatever price you feel like paying. There are no real luxury hotels in Kampot so you won’t be leaving with an empty wallet. But you can find hotels for round 20-30$/night as well.


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