Koh Jum, Thaialnd, island, beach

Koh Jum island, Thailand

Koh Jum island, Thailand

After being in Thailand several times now we figured it was time to try something new. Spending a few days in Bangkok then led us to Krabi where we waited for family to come visit us.
We knew there was to be a few paradise islands ouside of Krabi, like Railai and Phi Phi island, so finding something to do was not really an issue for us time around.

Our hotel manager in Krabi recommended us an island that was unknown to most tourists  and not far away from Krabi either. Koh Jum.
Perfect! What could be better than spending a few days on an empty beach with only the sea and good Thai food ahead?

So a few days later it was time for departure to our next adventure on Koh Jum island.

Getting to the island is easy and quite cheap also. Read all about the journey here.

As we stepped out of e small boat sent by our new hotel we could see why the island has a reputation of being calm.
Because most tourists end up in islands like Phi Phi or Koh Lanta the beaches on Koh Jum are relatively empty and mostly occupied by people looking for relaxation and wellbeing.

The beach is a long stretched beach with a few minor dividers by stone blocks. It is not as white as maybe Ton Sai or Koh Samet, but still a very nice beach.

The only problem we had with the beach is that a lot of shattered glass from the neigbouring islands hit the beach of Koh Jum. It takes the glass some time to reach the island so the edges are not sharp. But it is still not so pleasant stepping on it not knowing if it’s sharp or not.
The hotel we stayed at, the Sunsmile, is a very nice and clean hotel where the staff took really good care of us. And from the hotel you can enjoy several tours and boattrips if island living is boring you.

The prices are cheaper than we expected. Being a small island a few hours away from the mainland, we thought that it would be very expensive. But we were wrong. A room on Koh Jum can cost from 500 Baht and a lunch or dinner between 60-80 baht as the cheapest. So island living did not empty our wallets.

Even though we liked Koh Jum there are islands we like better. For example, some things we really missed being on the island. Like fruit. Fuit can be bought at small shops in one of the islands two villages. But it is a small walk to get there. On Koh Samet for example, there were fruit vendors on every beach. Koh Jum has a long beach but the water is not as clear as the neighboring islands.

We would choose another island, but if you like relaxation and having a beach more or less all to yourself then Koh Jum might be the island for you.


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