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Kep, Cambodia, a French riviera in asia

Kep, Cambodia, a French riviera in asia

Driving into Kep town is like entering a French riviera in Asia. It lacks a city center but it has a charming seaside road that makes a perfect promenade for romantic walks. There is also some restaurants and a western style grocery shop. You can also find tickets and tourist information office there. Some call Kep a place to be if you need quietness and want to feel like you are on the French Riviera but with an Asian twist of course. the beach is nice and then water is pretty calm. Locals hang out here on the weekends if you want to join them on some beach soccer or just hang out.


Easiest way to get around is to rent a motorbike which is usually 7-8 USD/day. The tank is usually empty so you have to pay for gas.
Tuk tuk is another option which is usually between 3-15 USD depending on the distance and if it is high or low season.
Bicycles are available for rent at most hotels and guesthouses for 1-2 USD per day.

Sights & attractions

Kep was once a sprawling vacation destination for the French upper class and the Cambodian elite in the beginning of the 20th century until the Khmer Rouge in the 1960’s The era ended but you can still walk along the the town and see the remains of the once proud houses. All that remains are the burnt shells but they can give a glimpse of how the city once was.

Kep crab market

Kep is famous for its crabs and seafood and has a crab market and statue dedicated to it. Have a lunch with freshly caught crabs and take in the ocean view or take back to the hotel.

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