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It’s official!

It’s official!

We have a secret that we have carried for quite some time now. 
We love to travel, well maybe that’s not a big secret. But what if we told you that we are now travelling professionally. Now that’s something!

From march 2014 we will head out on a three year mission travelling around the globe documenting and filming everything along the way to give you a taste of what is to explore out there.

We have taken on a new mission in addition to MahzTravel called TravelHelpful.

We will travel the world working with organizations, people and animals and other that are in need of assistance or charity where ever we go. If that means that we must travel through say Papa New Guinea, the darkest part of the Amazon jungle or Antarctica then so be it.

This will not only do good all around the world, but we will see and experience so many new cultures, people and locations that are yet to be explored.

All of this will be shared with you on our website here on

You can also see more about the TravelHelpful mission on

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