I am ready!Are you?

I am ready!Are you?

The final phase for Charlie is sorted. I paid a visit to the Swedish embassy to collect my passport today.
That was the only thing missing for our Vietnam project……at least to be able to travel at all.
Since I am a Swedish citizen living in Norway I had my passport sendt from Sweden to the embassy in Oslo. Veeeeery convenient, I must say:).
It spared me a four hour busdrive from Oslo to Gothenburg.
So now I am ready for adventure!! are YOU ready?:P


2 thoughts on “I am ready!Are you?”

    1. Hi Leo, I paid 125 Norwegian kroner to have my passport sendt to Norway. It’s the same price for all of Scandinavia. If I would’ve renewed my passport in Norway the price would have been a whole lot different:)

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