How to kill time in an Russian airport like Sherem

How to kill time in an Russian airport like Sherem


Russian airport Sherem in Moscow is not a very big airport.

Walking trough it would probably take just about 10 minutes. We were stuck here for twelve hours. And after walking past several terminals and Moscow Duty freeshops, we found that Burger King was our only reliable source to kill time.

If you like perfumes, spirits and other taxfree goods then you’ll find indulgence round every corner. Here you will find well presented jewelry aswell as tailormade shirts in a shop stuck inbetween a smokingcorner and an icecream shop that looks like a truck.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t get the transitvisa just like us, you will be able to pick up some souvenirs like the Matryoshka doll or as many call them: Babushka-doll, on your way home.

We had a lot of fun tracking down someone who could speak english, or someone who could point us to someone who could speak english. Good for you if you have some sparetime, because english is not a major language in Russia. Many of the staffmembers do not know the meaning of the phrase “do you speak english”. So patience is a must.

Everything in this airport looks the same so getting lost might be a subject, but they have been very precautious putting up signs for you so that you’ll always know which terminal you’re in and how to get back or get to the next one.

We spend our day eating and spying on people. It’s amazing how much you could see just by watching people walking by. We quickly established that the women that works here wear extremely high heals and expensive-looking suits. So does the female travellers…most of them are at least very fancy, Leo says (but he has a Russian-fetish) The men on the other hand can be spotted anything from pyjamapants with a leather and fur bikerjacket to jeans and a tshirt.

Russia Airport Russia Airport Russia Airport

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