Homeless tourists in Norway

Homeless tourists in Norway

We knew we wanted to go somewhere this weekend….but where? our first target was Gothenburg. But everything was fully booked.So at the last-minute(just 5 hours to departure), we decided to make a road trip and go trekking in a place called Prekestolen(a couple of hours drive from Stavanger). Charlie rushed to get the rental car while Leo packed and got some supplies and we where on our way.


We didn’t have a clue where to go but for vikings like us……no problems. We ended up sleeping in the trunk of the car the first night since we’d driven for 7 hours and it was pitch black outside. We had no clue where we were. Second day we woke up feeling a bit lost, apparently we parked at this small lake at some rest stop somewhere.


Prekestolen was only a couple of hours away so we headed of at eight in the morning to get an early start. We drove through one of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen. Almost like it was taken from a children’s fairytale book. Huge stones covered in moss as far as your eyes could see and everything was covered in mist.


After a four-hour drive we arrived at Lysefjorden where the Ferry would take us closer to Prekestolen.


We where really optimistic driven through the mountains, but our plans where about to change. We arrived at Lysefjorden/the ferry at 2 am. Four hours to departure and there was nothing there to do besides kayaking. But we where still in good spirit and spontaneous we are, so despite all the effort from the local salesman who really wanted us to stay and kayak, we decided to go back up the mountain and drive through the country towards Stavanger. Halfway up we stopped at this panorama-view restaurant for some lunch, climbing and meditation.


We continued our drive up and down the mountain and headed down in the lowlands.The scenery along the way literally took our breaths away, every turn better than the other.

One more stop. This time at the beautiful sea(Nordsjön) Leo was super excited 🙂 sandy beaches and blue-green saltwater as far as the eye could see.

Quick stop and now we had to find a place to sleep (in between this sequence and the next one is a long story of jealousy, grumpiness  and anger management, just keep reading)

We drove for a couple of hours and we finally found a place called Grand Hotel in a small village by the name Flekkefjord. We paid about 1000 norwegian kroner but well worth it. It was that or the car…….no hesitation……Hotel it is!


Third and last day the only thing we wanted to do was to swim in the ocean.We found a place outside Grimstad,but it was cold and nothing like the sea from the day before. So we headed back to Oslo.

Even though this was a very spontaneous trip we have seen one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!nothing we have ever seen compares to this. So if you haven’t been here yet, go NOW!! Experience it!you don’t need a huge budget to experience Norway(we managed with 5000 Norwegian kroner everything included) so there is no excuse to not go and see one of the worlds most beautiful countries.

Unfortunately we will only be able to give you a small video of our trip, due to technical problems.

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