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Himalaya trekking in Nepal 9/9

Himalaya trekking in Nepal 9/9

Yesterday was our last day of our Himalayan trekking adventure. The Jeep ride back took us approximately seven hours and we arrived in Kathmandu tired but satisfied from having experienced the Himalayas.
The Langtang trail is supposed to be one of the easier trails in Nepal but with that said there are still things you need to be aware of when going trekking in Himalaya. We definetily learned some things on our adventure.

First of all, we are not experienced Himalaya trekkers, so for us this was not a very easy trail.  The first day was rough, really rough, but we learned that you will get rewarded for all the hard work. And that you are stronger than you think. Your mind plays tricks on you trying to tell you that it s impossible. Nothing is really impossible. You can do it!

We also learned that planning ahead is essential. Everything from warm clothes to change with and water pills has to be accounted for and prepared in advance. There is nothing to help you out if you get stuck somewhere.
Money is essential also. Although there are settlements almost all the way up the trail, there will be no ATMs and no banks. So if you are short of money you have to be very lucky to have a guide or porter that can lend you money until you get back.
We brought 35 000 Rupees which we had counted days before departure would be more than enough. Including guide, porter, food and accommodation. But our money didn’t last us halfway.
The higher you get, the more expensive it gets as everything has to be carried by foot up the mountain by Sherpas.
We also learned to be more careful and take better care of eachother. With one accident and one almost accident with myself and Robin, we constantly made sure we were walking on the right places, not too close to the edge. And made sure that everyone had enough water and were hydrated.
We learned to value simple things like a warm fire, blankets during the night. The simple things we usually take for granted.
Even though we didn’t make the highest peak in Langtang we are still very happy and privileged to have done trekking in the Himalayas. It is an adventure that we will treasure forever.
We hope you enjoyed our Himalayan adventure and that you will stick with us for our next adventures. We still have many months left of travel.
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