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Himalaya trekking in Nepal 7/9: Almost there

Himalaya trekking in Nepal 7/9: Almost there

After leaving Langtang the day before the way back felt like a vacation compared to the way up. Because we had chosen to turn back the way back was the same as the one up.

Passing the rough landscape and climbing down rocky and slippery paths and hills while imagining that we climbed all this way just a few days ago was almost unreal to us.

The way down went much quicker than we thought and maybe we were too ambitious thinking we could walk all the way back in one day because Durje and Pasang indicated that it was time to find a place to stay for the night.

We stopped at a few places but the two first ones were all full with backpackers and trekkers either on their way up or their way down the trail. The guesthouses and lodges are only a few minutes away from each other on the trail so we quickly found a lodge for us for the night.

It was a nice place with view over the valley and the sunset. The rooms had walls out of thin plywood glued together with bandaids. Walls are just something the locals here felt was useless. The rooms are for sleeping only apparently. We could see into the next room and we laughed at the construction and figured out that the tape probably was due months ago with delivery from Kathmandu that they had to use the next best thing.

We looked at the sunset, took photos and relaxed being proud of ourselves doing the best out of the situation not going up the peak. And being proud that we had walked this far.

We woke up the next morning and packed everything up. The quickest morning where we ate a Tibetan bread with omelette to share and then on our way.

Passing waterfalls and big landslides it looked so different from the way up. Pointing out things on the way as new, Durje just looked at us thinking we might had been sleeping on the way up not seeing a huge stone block the size of a house.

But that’s just the thing. There are so many new impressions as you walk up the trail to Langtang. And the trail changes the higher you get. So even though it is the same way down as up, you still experience new landscapes.

We continued our trekking and today we would probably reach Syabrubesi where the bus would take us to back to Kathmandu.

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