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Himalaya trekking in Nepal 6/9: The storm

Himalaya trekking in Nepal 6/9: The storm

The storm that started yesterday kept rolling and torturing the village of Langtang until very early the next morning. The peaks around us once green were now covered in powdery white snow.
Although the storm was over it was cold. But there were not a single cloud on the sky. Later we found out that the storm had hit another part of the mountains. With many people gone missing and many lost their lives. We were lucky.
The storm passed and we had not reached colder temperature during the night.
So would we continue today?
We went downstairs to warm us by the fire once again and there was Durje and pasang to greet us.
Out thoughts went to the peak. Was there to much snow for us up there now? would it be to hard and to dangerous to climb?
None of us really had the outfits to manage seriously cold temperatures and we are not very experienced in Himalaya trekking. Would we go up?
Durje said it was ok to climb up as for now and that we should try to go as far as we could. We could always turn back if the weather became worse or if it turned out to be too dangerous.
No one should attempt a climb like that without a licensed and experienced guide. We had ours so we felt safe with the decision to continue.

We packed everything up, put some water pills in our water bottles and got ready to head of. Our host family brought the check for the room and food.
If you arrange your trekking through an agency all the fees are usually included. But we had arranged a local guide without any agency so we sorted out all the formalities on site.
The check came. I was in the bathroom and came out to the garden were Leonardo and Robin stood with Durje, Pasang and the check.
They all looked like someone had died.
Robin came towards me with determination and a look on his face that could have been amusement or chock. Hard to tell.
We have decided to change our minds about climbing the peak today, he said.
What had happened! had the storm struck the peak? had someone hurt themselves? what?!
The check, he said. It ended up on 11.000 Rupees.
11.000 Rupees!!!!!
When we prepared for this trekking we had counted on how many days we were going to be out in the mountains, taking in to account the fee for Durje and Pasang.
We had also taken out extra money for any unplanned expenses. Just in case. What we didn’t count on was how expensive food is in the mountains. 11.000 Rupees is a week with food and accommodation in the lowlands.
Here it was one and a half day. After paying the bill we only had 7.000 left. And we hadn’t paid Durje or Pasang yet. The only ATM was in Syabrubesi where we started our adventure. But it only accepted
Mastercard. We only had one but not with enough money to cover the cost.
Apparently the food and accommodation would be way more expensive the higher we climbed. What would we do? the money would not even last up on the peak. Eve less last us the way back.
So we made a quick decision.
Taken into account that we are running out money, none of us had gear or clothes to manage the weather higher up, we all were injured more or less. We decided to head back.
All odds were against us.
Sad, but somewhat relieved we started our journey back towards Syabrubesi.
The mood of all three of us lightened. As if we all were happy to have escaped the wrath of the peak.
Durje and Pasang were not as happy about turning back.
We passed Langtang and the house where the lady with the Yak curd lives. We said our goodbyes to her also and continued our way down towards Syabrubesi. There are still some more days ahead of us.

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