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Himalaya trekking in Nepal 5/9: Arriving in Langtang

Himalaya trekking in Nepal 5/9: Langtang

Yesterday we arrived in Langtang and today was the day dedicated to pure relaxing and charging batteries for tomorrow.

Langtang is not big so we didn’t really plan to do so much. Leos shoulders hurt from his backpack, Robin had a really sore ankle and foot and I was still hurting from the first days fall.
We started the day with a warming half hour by the kitchen fire. One of the traditional clay ovens heated up the kitchen. The property looked new. We didn’t know if the kitchen, which was not attached to the main building, wasn’t finished yet or supposed to be that way. The walls was made of thin wooden planks and plywood. Windows covered with plastic. The inside was covered with old newspaper that served as protection from wind and rain. Guessing moderate wind and rain.
The roof was made of straw that was stained from many days of coal and ashes from the clay fire. It was not designed to be warm or keep any of that warmth from the fire in.
But it was to cold outside to care. So we sat by the fire until the family helped us make a fire in the main building.
We ate breakfast and played cards with Durje and Pasang to pass time.
From the main house we had an amazing view over the steep valley and the mountains. The rain started to pour down and the mist once in the bottom of the valley came at us like
an avalanche rewinded.

So we are stuck here for the day. But what is there really to do in Langtang on a day like this? Actually, not much. We wanted to stroll around the village and go and see a view at a
higher point of the valley maybe. But those plans were destroyed as we watched the hail and mist attack the village and the main house.
We all looked at Durje and Pasang.
Would we be heading up the peak tomorrow if it was like this? and would the weather last?
Then the thunderstorm began and Durje started to look worried.
“-No, not like this” he said. The weather can change fast without notice at this altitude and if the weather is like this it would be too dangerous to go up the peak and we would not be able to see anything anyway.
If it’s like this here with the rain and hail. Then it would probably be snowstorm higher up in the Himalayas.
“-We will see tomorrow” he said.
Some painful hours of restlessness struck for us. It was nearly lunch and this was to be a very long day.
“Itchimoa!!!” meaning “I have the winner card” was yelled several times as we continued to play cards and eat and talk about everything and nothing as the hours went by. After a few more hours the patience took its turn and we started to loose our minds.
Something had to be done. We are in the Himalayas we cannot just sit it out.
A short visit to the Yak cheese factory house at the other side of the valley had to do before we had to turn back to the warming fire. People on the way that we had seen walk up the trail earlier
came back frustrated. The hail and thunder increased.
What happens if the temperature would drop a few degrees? We would be snowed in!
Durje kept saying that we had to wait until tomorrow morning to see. But we all feared the worst. Would we actually be snowed in by the morning.
Find out next time on our Himalayan trekking in Nepal.

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