Himalaya trekking in Nepal 0/9 – Preperations

Himalaya trekking in Nepal

Day 0: preparation

We are in Nepal. The centre for mountain trekking and adventures.
And let me tell you that it is absolutely amazing.
We will spend the next posts telling you about our mountain adventure just because it was just that amazing.

We sat with our Nepal map on the grass in front of us staring at the peaks in the north. Where should we start? And how many days?
After a few advice from Leonardo’s friend who lives in Nepal we decided to do the Langtang trail. It would take us approximately 6-12 days depending on if we wanted to go the whole round. Langtang is one of the easier trails in the north. The writhe trail just next to it is one of he more difficult ones. So we set our minds on 12 days in Langtang as aware up.
The preparations had begun.
To be able to trekk in Nepal all we needed before departure was a so called “tims-card” which is like a passport sized paper folder with your photo that allows you to go into the national parks. Agencies can do them for you of you want a guide arranged by the agency. If you don’t have or don’t need a guide you need to go straight to the tourism office in Kathmandu.
Since Leonardo’s friend organized with a local guide for us we headed straight to the tourism office.
The tims-card cost 2000 Rupees each for us and we were ready to go after only 40 minutes waiting.
But first we needed bus tickets.

We chose the cheapest bus tickets for 350 Rupees each. Not really knowing what to expect other than the estimated time of 5-6 hours bus ride to get there.
The bus was scheduled go departure at 06.20 the morning after so we spent the remaining hours of the day shopping for supplies for for us and gear for Robin our fellow trekker. Kathmandu and especially Thamel district is packed with outdoor an gear shops. And you can find anything from money belts to expedition overalls and water filters.
We invested in height sickness pills (Diamox) and water tablets which would allow us to safely drink water from springs and waterfalls.
We were all set now and the anxiety started to set. Where we really doing this? Trekking in the Himalaya?
Yes! And we were only hours away.

Next post we will continue our Himalaya adventure so stay put and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates and photos.

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