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Himalaya trekking in Nepal 3/9: Day 2 trekking

Himalaya trekking in Nepal 3/9: Day 2 trekking

After the fall the day before we woke up a bit tired and uncertain of what the day would hold for us. Leonardo talked to Durje about talking it slow and in our pace. Slower than before if that’s even possible. He agreed as long as I could manage. And honestly I am to stubborn to quit.
We rearranged all the backpacks so that only Leonardo and Robin together with Pasang and Durje carried the weight. The adventure continued. Saying goodbye to the owners and cozy cabin we slowly started walking uphill again.
The terrain felt different here. More moss and stone covered the ground we walked on and there were more vegetation. We had agreed earlier that we wouldn’t walk as far today as we did the day before so that we could all rest before sunset.
The trail was rocky and it was uphill. Not as much as the day before, but still uphill. I walked first this time and Robin and Leonardo, obviously shaken from the accident the day before, kept telling me to keep to the left, watch this, watch that. So that no more accidents would strike.
We had more fun today than the day before. We all stopped more often to look at the view and not focusing so much at reaching the target only as the day before. And we saw huge river stone formations, and huge landslides and waterfalls.
After a few hours trekking we stopped at the Riverside guesthouse for lunch. It is a very cozy place. Almost as if taken out of an North American wilderness movie with the river, the high trees and the snow covered mountain peaks in the background. Leonardo and Robin went down to the water to have a look and saw monkeys jumping around playing on the branches across the river. White fur with black faces.
We didn’t want to leave after lunch but Durje said we are nearly not there so we grabbed our backpacks and continued towards the place that was destined to be our home for the night.IMG_3569
The forest changes after every stop we make. After Riverside it felt like the forest was taken straight from the movie “Lord of the rings“. It was incredible and you felt small as you passed the huge stone blocks and trees. We started to get really tired. And we started a climb again and neither of us felt like it. We all just wanted to get there by this point. We climbed and climbed.
And after a good 30 minute high climb the forest cleared up and we came to a huge waterfall that divided the forest in halfs. The waterfall came from the top of the mountain, divided itself in layers to fall straight down towards the valley. There were to waterfalls. One on each side of the mountain. We had to be focused because we had to cross the waterfall to get to the other side. We were really close to the edge walking on nothing but gravel and loose big stones. But as we crossed it and turned around to see the waterfall again we got the biggest reward on our adventure yet.
Behind us we could see the whole valley we had crossed these two days. The mist layered the hills and the waterfall with its mist covered the valley and river far down under us. It felt like at any point there were dinosaurs coming from the last peak. It felt like we where the only ones there. And all hard work had paid off. It was so beautiful.
So now we had arrived we thought. But no. Durje still kept saying ” We are nearly not there”, we had about half an hour left.IMG_3634
After a good 30 minute trekk uphill the forest cleared up once again. And we came to a clearing where we could see the Langtang peak that we had been stocking for the last two days. In the clearing was a small group of stone houses. We had finally arrived at Godatabela guesthouse and our home for the night.
The lodge was what I always pictured us finding in Nepal. A small stone house with clay stove and open fire. The prayer flags waving in the wind with the snow covered mountains in the background. We liked it here. And it was also the first time we could take a hot shower on the trail. The shower and toilet is outside, like most households in the mountains. The water is heated with solar panel that heats the water in a black big tank. The water is the led through a rubber tube to the shower.
But taking a shower at this height is cold. The temperature crawls closer to minus celsius as the sun starts to set and after taking a shower you soon regret it because you are naked and wet more or less outside. So it had to be a quick, really quick, shower and back into the main cabin and the heat.
The owner and his wife had one dining room for the guests and one kitchen with a traditional clay stove with fire that we could warm us in. We sat and talked and went outside to look at the starts. The sky was clear so we could see the stars all night. But I was tired after a rough day and so was Leonardo and Robin.
We fetched blankets and covered ourselves with all the clothes we could find and crawled into bed hoping that we wouldn’t freeze and that we could sleep all night.
Because new adventures were still to come tomorrow.

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