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Happy Swedish National Day!!

Happy Swedish National Day!!

Happy Swedish National Day everyone!

Few people know what the actual Swedish National Day stands for. Some believe that it is an independance day for Sweden, but Sweden has a long history of independence already. So no need for that.
The Swedish national day is actually a day to honour when our most famous king Gustav Vasa was elected king in 1523. It was not until 1996 “the Day of the flag” as this day was previously called, became a national holiday. Even before 1996 this day was called the Gustav Vasa Day.

Sweden does not have any special celebrations during the National day since it is still a new holiday to most people. The Swedish midsummer has been the most loved summer holiday celebrations for centuries and still is. Our neighbour, Norway, has a spectacular National Day celebration going on on their day 17th of May. Maybe we’ll see some parades out on the streets here in Sweden. But usually that’s all that is to it. We Swedes keep it simple.

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